Organisers and Supporters

APrIGF Local Host Organisers

APrIGF Supporting Organisations

Local Host Organising Committee

(Listed alphabetically by last names)

  • Popo Chan, Development Officer (Marketing), Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • Gary  Cheng, General Manager China, Group Sense Ltd
  • Johnson Cheng, Business Development Director, We Software Limited
  • Edmon Chung, Chief Executive Officer, DotAsia Organisation
  • John Fung, Director of Information Technology Resource Center Limited (ITRC), Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS)
  • Alex Hung, Vice President, Internet Professional Association (iPROA)
  • Peter Kwok, Project Manager, Information Technology Resource Centre Limited (ITRC), The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)
  • Stephen Lau, Hong Kong Representative of Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), IGF
  • Charles Mok, Chairman, Internet Society (ISOC) HK
  • Ken Ngai, Website Director of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • Jonathan Shea, CEO, Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC)
  • Hon. Samson Tam, Legislative Council Member, IT Sector

Asia Pacific Regional Team:

  • Izumi Aizu, Professor & Senior Research Fellow, Institute for InfoSocionomics,Tama University
  • Prof. Ang Peng-Hwa, Singapore Internet Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Edmon Chung, Chief Executive Officer, DotAsia Organisation
  • Rafik Dammak, Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) representative on Generic Names Supporting Organization, ICANN
  • Keith Davidson, Executive Director of InternetNZ
  • Chris Disspain, CEO of au Domain Administration Ltd. auDA
  • Khaled Fattal, Multilingual Internet Names Consortium Chairman and CEO
  • Robert Guerra, Head of Global Internet Freedom Initiative at Freedom House
  • Don Hollander, General Manager of Asia Pacific Top Level Domain
  • Hiro Hotta, Director of Japan Registry Services (JPRS)
  • Norbert Klein, Member of Non-Commercial Users Constituency
  • Eun-Ju Kim, Head of International Telecommunications Union
  • Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Professor for International Communication Policy and Regulation at the Department for Media and Information Sciences of the Unversity of Aarhus
  • Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator of the Secretariat for Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
  • Stephen Lau, Hong Kong Representative of Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), IGF
  • Charles Mok , Chairman of Internet Society Hong Kong
  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr, ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee Chair 2007-2009
  • Yumi Ohashi, Japan Registry Services (JPRS)
  • Adam Peake, Executive Research Fellow ;Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan
  • Jonathan Shea, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd.
  • Rajnesh Singh, Chair of ICANN’s Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO)
  • Paul Szyndler, Public Affairs Officer .au Domain Administration
  • Sharil Tarmizi, Chief Operating Officer, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
  • Paul Wilson, Director general of APNIC
  • Dr. Prof. Hong Xue, Director of Institute for the Internet Policy & Law (IIPL), Beijing Normal University
  • Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Associate Professor and Director, Information + Innovation Policy Research Centre
  • German Valdez, Communications Area Manager of APNIC

Secretariat & Host Coordinators:

  • Elaine Cheng, DotAsia Organisation
  • Johnson Cheng, WeSoft
  • Bianca Ho, NetMission.Asia
  • Aaron S.P., WeServe.Asia
  • Ping Wong, DotAsia Organisation

About the Hosting Organisations

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is an open, membership-based, not-for-profit organization. It is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) charged with ensuring the fair distribution and responsible management of IP addresses and related resources. These resources are required for the stable and reliable operation of the global Internet.As part of this service, the APNIC Secretariat is responsible for maintaining the public APNIC Whois Database and managing reverse DNS zone delegations. APNIC is also actively involved in the development of Internet infrastructure throughout the region. This includes providing training and education services, supporting technical activities such as root server deployments, and collaborating with other regional and international organizations.


Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD)

Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) is an organisation for ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries in Asia Pacific region. APTLD was originally established in 1998, and in 2003 legally established in Malaysia. APTLD works as the forum of information exchange regarding technological and operational issues of domain name registries in Asia Pacific region. Also, as an interface to other international Internet coordinating bodies, APTLD fosters and elevates participation of AP ccTLDs in these global fora, as well as acting in the best interest of APTLD members in global Internet policy making process.


DotAsia Organisation

DotAsia Organisation is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. DotAsia has a strong mandate for socio-technological advancement initiatives including: (a) digital inclusion projects to bridge the digital divide and the poverty gap; (b) educational initiatives, e.g. scholarships and promotion of Internet adoption for the advancement of knowledge, etc.; and, (c) research and development projects, including relief and rebuild efforts.DotAsia oversees the ‘.Asia’ top-level Internet domain name, and is formed as an open consortium of 20 official top-level-domain authorities around the region, including .CN (China), .JP (Japan), .KR (Korea), .IN (India), .NZ (New Zealand), .PH (Philippines), etc., and 5 regional Internet organizations including APNIC, APNG, APCERT, PAN and APTLD. In the past two decades Asia has developed into a global force in the commercial, political and cultural network. The .Asia domain aspires to embrace this dynamism in the Asia Century to become a nucleus, intersection and breeding ground for Internet activity and development in the region.


Freedom House

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization that supports the expansion of freedom around the world. Freedom House supports democratic change, monitors freedom, and advocates for democracy and human rights. Since its founding in 1941 by prominent Americans concerned with the mounting threats to peace and democracy, Freedom House has been a vigorous proponent of democratic values and a steadfast opponent of dictatorships of the far left and the far right. Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie served as Freedom House’s first honorary co-chairpersons.

Throughout its history, Freedom House has opposed tyranny around the world, including dictatorships in Latin America, apartheid in South Africa, Soviet domination of Central and Eastern Europe, and religiously-based totalitarian regimes such as those governing Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Freedom House has promoted the growth of freedom by encouraging U.S. policymakers, international institutions, and the governments of established democracies to adopt policies that advance human rights and democracy around the world. At the same time, Freedom House provides support to individuals working in the world’s young democracies to overcome debilitating legacies of tyranny, dictatorship and political repression; as well as to activists working in repressive societies to bring about greater freedom and openness.


Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) is developed from the Committee on Voluntary Emergency Relief Council which was responsible for co-coordinating and planning various welfare service during the 1940s at the time when mass influx of refugees from the Mainland generating the need to carry out large-scale relief work after Hong Kong’s recovering from World War II. In the year 1951, it became a body corporate. It aims to build a welfare sector that is highly accountable, efficient, effective and responsive to social needs, upholding the long-term sustainable development of society and the well-being of our citizens.HKCSS has grown since then to become an umbrella organization of over 370 Agency Member, that provide over 90% of the social welfare services for those in need through their 3,000 service units all over Hong Kong. HKCSS and its member agencies believe in social justice and equality, and the intrinsic rights of every individual. While society is obliged to provide individuals with the basic social and economic resources to develop their potentials, individuals in turn should carry out their responsibilities towards their families and society, to be self-reliant and to achieve self-actualization.


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) was founded in 1960 and has been committed to serving the youth of Hong Kong. Our care for the young is provided through a variety of services, activities and programmes, which have an annual attendance of five million. We encourage youth to reach their fullest potential and with community support, we now have over 60 service units. We also have 12 core services, which include the Youth S.P.O.Ts, Youth Employment, Services for Youth at Risk, Counselling, Parent-child Mediation, e-Services, Leadership Training, Volunteer Services, Education Services, Creativity Education and Youth Exchange, Leisure, Cultural and Sports Services, and Research and Publications. We encourage young people to grow into responsible and dutiful citizens and we now have over 120,000 registered volunteers and 280,000 enrolled members of our u21 youthnet. We believe that our motto Caring for Youth • Caring for the Community reaffirms our commitment and dedication to the young people of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC)

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) is a not-for-profit, non-statutory, member-based corporation designated by the Government of the HKSAR to undertake the administration of Internet domain names under the .hk country code top level domain. HKIRC provides registration services for English domain names ending with,,,,,, .hk and Chinese domain names ending with .公司.hk, .組織.hk, .網絡.hk, .教育.hk, .政府.hk, .個人.hk, .hk, and other domains to be introduced from time to time in Hong Kong. With the mission of fostering e-commerce and Internet development in Hong Kong and serving the best interest of the community, HKIRC is committed to deliver high quality .hk domain name registration service in an effective, customer-centric and sustainable manner. HKIRC has always been dedicated to promote the use of Internet and .hk domain name in the community.


Hong Kong Representative of the Multistakeholder Advisor Group (MAG), IGF

The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) established by the Secretary-General of the United Nations is to assist the Secretary General in convening the Internet Governance Forums. The MAG comprises of 56 Members from governments, the private sector and civil society, including representatives from the academic and technical communities. The MAG holds meetings three times a year at the Palais des Nations in Geneva and is preceded by open consultations meetings.

The Advisory Group members are from all stakeholder groups, representing Governments, private sector and civil society, including the academic and technical communities, representing all regions. All Advisory Group members serve in their personal capacity, but are expected to have extensive linkages with their respective stakeholder groups. The main task of the Advisory Group is to provide advice on the preparations of the annual Internet Governance Forum, which for 2010 is to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 14 to 17 September 2010.


Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK)

Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC-HK) is the local chapter organization of the Internet Society (ISOC), a professional membership society with more than 100 organisational and more than tens of thousands individual members in over 90 chapters around the world, providing leadership in all issues confronting the current and future Internet. ISOC-HK was formed in 2005 by local veteran Internet professionals with the mission to improve the practice of Internet governance and online civil society in Hong Kong.

The vision of ISOC HK is that an open and accessible network, in technology and policy, contributes to and provides a platform for sustainable development of the information society, which enriches the human experience. ISOC HK is dedicated to the open, unencumbered, beneficial use of the Internet; the upholding of the freedom of expression and opinion, privacy of personal information and aversion of social discrimination; through responsible self-regulation and harmonized governance.
Internet Professional Association (iProA)

The Internet Professional Association (iProA), a non-profit making professional organization founded in 1999, is dedicated to the bridging of digital divide in society, and advancing the art & science and proper application of Internet technology.

iProA consolidates strengths of its membership in the promotion of Internet technology by enhancing and improving the quality, functionality and reliability of Internet related services in Hong Kong. Recognising the benefits of synergy, iProA places emphasis on partnering with different communities like government departments, public bodies, academic institutions, media agencies and even private organisations. In the past 10 years, iProA organised and participated in over 200 seminars and events with various organisations to promote and share the latest technological know-how with the greater community of Hong Kong with the view to extend its reach and bring benefits to all walks of life.


NetMission Ambassadors

The NetMission Ambassadors program brings together a network of dedicated young volunteers devoted towards promoting and contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance as well as a respectable and harmonious Internet environment.

NetMission provides a platform for youth, as Netizens, to voice out their opinions to shape a better future for the Internet, and a framework to train and nurture future Internet leaders. Through the program, NetMission Ambassadors acquire in-depth knowledge about the Internet and its impact to society though first-hand experience interacting with the local and international community, including attending international conferences. Upon the completion of the training program, NetMission Ambassadors develop and implement different community projects such as initiatives that bridge the digital divide. NetMission aspires to become a program that can serve as a prototype for other similar digital inclusion programs in Asia and around the world.


Office of Legislative Councilor Hon. Samson Tam

Samson Tam is a Legislative Councilor from the functional constituency of Information Technology and the Chairman of Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting in the LegCo. The Office of The Hon Samson Tam arranges events to motivate the better development of ICT industry as well as supporting events from ICT industry. Currently, Hon Samson Tam is also the members of 5 other panels in LegCo, they are Panel on Commerce and Industry; Panel on Constitutional Affairs; Panel on Development; Panel on Economic Development and Panel on Education. He is also a member of Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee and the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, the Chairman of Hong Kong Trade Development Council ICT Services Advisory Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He is also the Chairman of the TechMatrix Research Centre and the founder and Chairman of Group Sense (International) Ltd.